Premier College Funding


Premier College Funding is a college financial planning firm dedicated to helping families make college more affordable. We help to maximize your aid; inform you of your many varied choices; and create a solid, written plan to help you pay for your share of college costs. Among our basic services, we help you to:

    •  Understand the benefits of applying for financial aid, even if you feel that your family does not qualify for aid based on income
    • Identify colleges that offer the most aid · File all financial aid forms, including the FAFSA
    • Help to create a written formal plan on how to fund the expense of college
    • Meet critical financial aid deadlines
    • Make appeals if you are misworded or under-awarded for aid

The firm was founded in 2009 by Robert Bacino, partner of Insight Private Advisors LLC, a full-service financial planning and advisory firm established in three locations in New Jersey. As a registered financial advisor, Rob discovered in working with clients of college-aged students that planning for college required significantly different strategies than planning for other life events. He also saw that key strategies to pay for college positively affected the eligibility of some clients for financial aid.

Rob created a collaborative partnership of certified college funding experts to provide informational assistance and funding strategies to college-bound students and their parents. Premier College Funding works to help make college more affordable for families of all income levels. We also help families create ways to save and pay for college – without depleting retirement funds or resorting to high-interest loans.