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                                      Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of family would most benefit from this type of planning?  
If you are a middle to high income or high net worth family with a college-bound high school student, you would benefit from working with Premier College Funding. We cater to families who typically would not qualify for much if any “need-based” financial aid.  If you are a family who desires to be proactive with the college funding process, be kept up to date on cutting-edge information and have a professional team assist you in creating a customized plan that can reduce your family’s college expenses by thousands of dollars, then Premier College Funding may be right for you.

If our household income is too high to qualify for aid, why should I bother to file the FAFSA?  In most cases, if there is aid available, you will not receive it without submitting the FAFSA.  Many people incorrectly assume they will not receive aid because their income is too high.  Even families with incomes over $100,000 may still qualify for aid.  Income and assets are not the only determining factors for aid qualification.  Also, keep in mind that financial aid is only one aspect of the college funding process—you still need to understand what your best options are to pay for college in a cost-efficient manner.  This is what we do best.

I already work with a financial advisor (or CPA). Can’t my advisor do this type of planning for me?  ​Typically, the answer is no. There is a very small percentage of financial advisors or CPAs that are trained in the late stage college funding niche.  Most financial advisors and CPAs are unfamiliar with this type of planning. We receive regular referrals from other financial advisors and CPAs who appreciate our specialization in late stage college funding planning. They believe our services add value to the services they provide to their clients.

We don't know how to begin the whole college search.  Can Premier College Funding point us in the right direction?   It is not uncommon for families feel overwhelmed.   We work with a local college coach who will help you and your student identify colleges that would be most appealing in terms of academics, location, and extra-curricular programs.  Once you have created a list of 10-15 schools, Premier College Funding can help you determine your odds of admission at each school using a patented software program that analyzes 27 different criteria to give your student the information he/she needs to begin planning for college both academically and financially.

Do private scholarships have to be reported to the university/college?   Yes. Outside scholarships must be reported to the Office of Financial Aid. Be aware that most universities will adjust your financial aid package to compensate for the scholarship dollars. If the college has not met 100 percent of your need, it will usually earmark any outside scholarships to close the gap.

If I am not happy with my award amount, is there anything I can do?   Yes. Our services include analysis of award letters.  We are experienced in negotiating with college admissions departments and will create a customized appeal letter that reflects the student’s educational record, accepted status at other schools, or a change in family income.

Am I too early or too late in this process to meet with you?  It is never too late to explore the most efficient way to fund your student’s college education.  We see clients as early as freshman year and as late as senior year because there is still time to explore funding options. Often, parents already have a child in college and meet with us because they were not satisfied with their initial college planning results.

hat can I expect when I come in for the initial consultation?   The initial consultation is purely exploratory and you will not be asked to commit to any PCF service. Our goal is to understand your unique situation and to thoroughly explain our services in order to give you the information you need to decide whether working with Premier College Funding is right for you.